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Mad Man Software
Last updated June 22, 2019 10:15 AM

Projects I either did in my spare time for fun, or to help myself out with regular maintenance and management. I figured others out there may benefit from my work

Also: Mirror for SuperSU v2.82 SR5

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Mad Man Custom
PeerBlock List

A personal list of bad actors across the globe. I started this list last year from scratch and maintain it using a powerful set of online tools for bulk IP resolutions (awesome tools, please don't ad block those fellers!) and a series of Excel formulas / formatting schemes to generate the lists. Man I love Excel and automation tools. Anyway, I did not harvest any of these IPs from any other block lists... I started this from scratch and have personally logged All of these IPs as having attempted to RDP into my servers (usually hundreds of attempts in a row).

Current block count: 143,320

PeerBlock 1.2
(apparently now defunct? what a shame! Still working for me, I'll maintain this list)

Peerblock Proprietary (basically just CSV format)

List updated typically 1-2 times a day


(234 KB)

FYI! Reported Windows 10 Functionality Issues, I'm working on a new build
(this build was designed for Win7)
as of 2-8-2019 -- But download this if you wish!

DOSBox front-end and shortcut generator. Most of the other front-ends available are full-blown game managers, which I didn't need, I prefer opening my old games as I do all other programs, with a desktop icon. So I created DOSFox to do precisely that. It creates a shortcut with a custom icon and arugments that looks just like any other game/program, without dealing with a 3rd party software to boot it up.

Watch Video Tutorial

Simple Mode:

Advanced Mode:

The final product:

DOSBox (.74) VB.NET 3-2-14

Privacy Monitor 1.1

(239 KB)

Older Versions:
Privacy Monitor 1.0 (6-6-13)

FYI! BASE SOFTWARE IS NOW DEFUNCT / OUTDATED -- But download this if you wish!

A monitoring program for security-conscious people using uTorrent and Privitize VPN (both required). Privacy Monitor is constantly checking said program's basic status, but more importantly the VPN and IP connectivity status. It detects disconnects and major network changes, and automatically shuts down uTorrent, preventing monitoring agencies or your ISP from watching your sharing activity.

Disclaimer: It is recommended that you do NOT use any personal information while connected to an unknown VPN. No facebook, no IM programs, DEFINITELY no bank websites. Also, this program has a shutdown timer of 15 seconds (allowing the user to manually intervene if they want to) and VPN tunnel/IP status polls every 10 seconds... so in a theoretical worst case scenario there's up to 25 seconds between when the secure VPN can die and when the software intervenes. In some cases, this is enough time for uTorrent to re-announce your REAL IP in all your cached trackers, and BLAMMO your IP's in some database for further monitoring.

C# 8-22-13

TVersity Mini Console

(242 KB)

FYI! BASE SOFTWARE IS NOW DEFUNCT / OUTDATED -- But download this if you wish!

Very basic and lightweight command console, written for TVersity 1.9.3 but probably works with most (if not ALL) other versions.
Features: Stop, start, and restart media server service, refresh library, and force-close the TVersity java console.

TVersity (1.9.3) C# 7-12-11

RSA Calc 11 KB Basic RSA Calculator I wrote to help with my networking class homework None VB.NET 7-17-11

All my software is presented as open-source, all source code is available upon request. It is also presented AS-IS, I debug these the best I can but use at your own risk (again, ask for the source code if you're skeptical!). Feel free to submit any bug reports or comments to David.J.Hansen87@gmail.com.

I fully respect rights of all other software vendors which my products interact with. I intend much of my software to be supplimentary to the original, not a replacement. If you own the rights to said software and feel I'm violating copyright law or anything, feel free to shoot me an email and I'll remove it pronto.

*As a side note, I realize many of my URLs don't follow standards, but my theory is, if your device can't support these URLS, it can't run my software anyway and may as well make it easy on myself. I'm making a stand for proper filenames on downloads as well! I'm tired of renaming everything I download.